Web Designing and Programming

Employment Opportunities

The course focuses on teaching the most relevant, and up-to-date technologies, which are actually used in practice on a daily basis, with the aim to prepare students for entry-level web designer or web developer positions.

Direct Client Placement Assistance

BBA guarantees all students of direct client placement and resume submission. Candidates will be screened by industry professionals and career counselors. Resume preparation and career workshops are part of BBA’s placement program.

Career Counseling

Professional career counselors will conduct mock interviews, train students on soft skills and interview techniques.

Course Outline

The course will begin with a high-level overview of how the internet works at a technical level, focusing primarily on:

  • How internet traffic is routed
    • IP addressing
    • Client / Server relationships
    • OSI Model
  • How websites are hosted
  • How browsers work under the hood
  • Frontend (Client-side) vs. Backend (Server-side) distinction

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the essential tools of any web designer or developer, since virtually every website in the world is built using these two technologies. Consequently, the course will cover them both very thoroughly, and assuming no prior knowledge, will take a student from a beginner to an advanced level understanding of HTML & CSS. By the end of this section, students will be able to build their own website templates.

Basic programming skills are often necessary for the building of even basic websites. Hence, the course will provide students with a foundational understanding of programming in general, focusing primarily on JavaScript – currently one of the most popular programming languages in the world. With JavaScript, students will be able to make their websites more dynamic and interactive, as well as build basic web apps.

Though the course focuses primarily on the Frontend (Client-side) aspect of web development, even Frontend developers ought to have a basic understanding of the Server-side. As such, the course will also provide an explanation of the Backend, including but not limited to:

  • Setting up a local server
  • Performing basic, common tasks with PHP – a Backend programming language
  • Hosting your website publicly, once it is complete

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