Director’s Message

Dear Students,

On behalf of the faculty and staff, I welcome you to Bergen Blended Academy!

We are excited you have chosen Bergen Blended Academy as your vocational school of choice and are committed to assisting you in meeting your education and career goals. We are committed to your success!

Education and acquiring new skills should be a lifelong journey! BBA is the foundation upon which you can build your career and learn futuristic in-demand technical skills needed to enhance your careers.

Bergen Blended Academy exists to provide your training and later help you find training related employment. We take a unique and holistic approach to our teaching that helps you connect with the subject matter that is needed to cope with the demands of the market. Through personalized and focused teaching processes, our experienced and expert instructors will assist you in developing the tools needed for ongoing success.

Our success depends on our attention to the needs of all our clients and students and help them achieve their goal of finding a great career!

Have an awesome and rewarding academic year!


School Director's Signature

Kumar Subramanian
School Director

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